Cee Lo Green 'impressed' by his success

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  • 30 November 2011
Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green is ''impressed'' by his success of his 'The Lady Killer' album

Cee Lo Green is "impressed" by his own success.

The 37-year-old signer's third solo album 'The Lady Killer' was released a year ago and the 'F**k You' hitmaker is still astounded by how well it has sold.

He said: "It's been pretty extensive, the success of this record. I'm impressed, I must say."

Cee Lo shot to fame as one half of Gnarls Barkley, with producer Dangermouse, when they had a huge hit with their 2006 single 'Crazy' and he insists he never tires of performing the track.

He said: "I still enjoy the song, it still belongs to me - to us - and it's as fresh as it ever was for me.

"I could never lose sight of what that song has signified to me, so I never get tired of it.

"I perform it 50 times a year, probably more."

Cee Lo also co-wrote Pussycat Dolls' biggest hit, 'Don't Cha', with Busta Rhymes and Sir Mix-A-Lot and said he penned the track from the perspective of an "ideal" woman.

He explained to Q magazine: "I was trying to think of an ideal woman - a creature of a woman - who would be so bold as to say something as outspoken as that song, you know?

"But I didn't think of myself as a woman [when writing it] even though I am a ladies' man."

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