Hitlist - The best exhibitions

Hitlist - The best exhibitions

• David Rokeby – Silicon Remembers Carbon The Canadian-born installation artist brings a collection of interactive works together to create his first major Scottish show and retrospective at the CCA. Work on show includes the pioneering sound installation ‘Very Nervous System’, and his explorations of CCTV and surveillance ‘Seen’ and ‘Taken’. CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 15 Sep.

• Roderick Buchanan – Histrionics A series of works by Glasgow-based artist Roderick Buchanan, examining the city’s sectarian divide. Buchanan employs photography and film to demonstrate the similarities between both sides (Catholic and Protestant), using his own personal history as a way of understanding the long history of hate that still runs through the city. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 28 Oct.

• Mike Marshall Marshall uses video and photography to examine seemingly ordinary or overlooked aspects of human activities and experience. His interest in ‘focused daydreaming’ has resulted in a remarkable exhibition of his works that focus on the inconsequential and banal. Paisley Museum, Glasgow, until Tue 30 Sep.

• Six Cities Design Festival: The Scottish Show 2007 A selection of inspirational designs by 34 designers based in Scotland. Highlights include hairstyles captured on film by Leigh Ferguson, a non-denominational public space for contemplation by Hill, Jophson and Robb, and Autumn/Winter fashion by Olanic. The Lighthouse, Glasgow, until Sun 12 Aug.


Glasgow artist Roderick Buchanan's latest exhibition is a response to the sectarian divide that rips right through (usually the poorest) streets of Glasgow. Buchanan uses film, graphs and evocative, loaded music and images, forcing the spectator to remember how real this intolerance is.

Six Cities Design Festival: The Scottish Show 07

The Scottish Show 07 brings together 34 of Scotland's most exciting designers in an exhibition at The Lighthouse, with associated projects, including a six-city-wide billboard project, publication and specially-commissioned souvenirs. Building on the success of The Scottish Show in 2004, the exhibition will celebrate the…

Silicone Remembers Carbon

  • 4 stars

First major Scottish show for David Rokeby. Expertly utilising the CCA's largest gallery space, this intriguing set of video pieces uses the viewer's own image to pass comment on CCTV spy-catching.

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