Corrie's Owen attacks child

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  • 28 November 2011
Debbie Rush

Debbie Rush

Coronation Street's Anna Windass dumps her boyfriend Owen Armstrong after he beats her adopted daughter when she deliberately kills his fish

Coronation Street's Anna Windass dumps her boyfriend after he beats her adopted daughter.

The downtrodden waitress - played by Debbie Rush - leaves 11-year-old Faye (Ellie Leach) in the care of Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) when she goes to look after sick brother but in her absence, the pair have a series of heated clashes.

The final straw for Owen comes after he discovers Faye has deliberately killed his fish by pouring creosote into his pond, and he snaps and attacks the youngster, who calls Anna for help.

On her return, Owen tells her: "Look, things just got out of hand. The kid needs boundaries and I showed her where they start."

Anna refuses to listen and insists their relationship is over as she can no longer trust him.

She tells him: "You're lucky we don't call the police. It was because of that sort of abuse that she was put into care in the first place.

"I can't be sure you'll hit her again and I can't ever take that risk so it's over between us."

According to the Daily Star newspaper, even Owen's daughters are shocked by his antics, but he insists he only turned on Faye because he was "pushed past he limit".

He says: "Didn't I do a good job bringing you up? You know I would only do something like that if I was pushed past the limit. I'm sorry for hitting her but I was angry."

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