Tulisa Contostavlos won't hide tattoo

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  • 26 November 2011
Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos insists she is doing nothing wrong by showing off her forearm tattoo on 'The X Factor' each week

Tulisa Contostavlos has vowed to continue flashing her tattoo on 'The X Factor'.

It had been claimed the show's judge could be breaking Ofcom rules on advertising with her signature arm salute because the inking on her forearm - the words 'The Female Boss' written in script - share the name of her perfume, but the N-Dubz star insisting she is doing nothing wrong.

She said: "I was showing off my tattoo long before 'The X Factor'. It's always been my trademark and it's always been my nickname.

"The perfume's not actually called The Female Boss - it's just TFB. So someone wouldn't go into a shop and buy my perfume just because they'd seen my tattoo. The show told me it's OK, I can carry on doing it - and I will."

While Tulisa's future with the show has not been confirmed, she is keen to return to the programme next year - though she wants a payrise.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I definitely want to come back next series. But would I do it for a pay-cut? Definitely not. That's ridiculous."

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old star has admitted she has received death threats since joining the show, but she just laughs about them rather than take any action.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I've always had abuse - since the age of 17 - so I've been trained for it.

"It's nothing to me. If anything it's gotten a bit more light-hearted since I've been on the show.

"N-Dubz fans are a bit feistier. It used to be, 'I'm gonna slice your throat and you're a whore'. Now it's more like, 'You're s**t, I hate you'.

"You still get the whole, 'I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you'. But I'll message them back and go, 'Bring it on, bitch'. That s**t doesn't bother me.

"It's probably some spotty 12 year old having a laugh with his mates because he can't get a girlfriend."

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