New York Dolls

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  • 12 October 2006

New York Dolls

Some things just aren’t supposed to happen. How David Bowie, Lou Reed and most shocking of all, Iggy Pop still live and breathe on earth is something of a scientific anomaly. In contrast, the mighty New York Dolls had their share of R’n’R casualties. Only Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen remain intact from the mid-70s (just) while guitar god Johnny Thunders and his cohorts compare lipsticks and Les Paul Juniors in heaven. That’s not to say this won’t be an absolute hoot of a show, the songs still sound like a sock full of gobstoppers to the back of the head and they may look creaky but can still move when it’s demanded of them. A new album One Day it Will Please Us to Remember Even This reinforces the idea that old dogs and new tricks are always mutually exclusive.

ABC, Glasgow, Thu 26 Oct.


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