Corrie's Sophie and Sian to elope

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  • 23 November 2011
Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson

Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson

Coronation Street's Sophie Webster will be so devastated after bisexual Amber Kaliari tells her their kiss meant nothing that she elopes to Gretna Green with her girlfriend Sian Powers

Coronation Street's Sophie Webster will elope to Gretna Green with her girlfriend Sian Powers.

The teen lesbian - played by Brooke Vincent - will be so devastated when bisexual Amber Kaliari (Nikki Patel), tells her their recent kiss meant nothing that Sophie rashly convinces her fiance (Sacha Parkinson) to run off to the popular wedding venue where they don't need their parents' permission to wed.

Brooke said: "Sophie feels that she needs to prove to everyone that she's serious about Sian. And once Amber knocks her back, she also has to prove it to herself.

"She must convince herself that the thing with Amber was nothing but that's really difficult for her because she knows that she did fancy Amber.

"She goes home after Amber tells her that the kiss meant nothing and tells Sian that she doesn't want to wait until they're 18 to get married.

"Sian is pretty shocked and wants to know the reason why she's changed her mind but Sophie is determined and she makes a very good case and Sian's happy with her reasons."

Although Sophie's mother Sally (Sally Dynevor) attempts to stop the feisty pair before they can go through with the nuptials, Sophie hopes a marriage will help her to forget her feelings for Amber.

Brooke added in an interview with Inside Soap magazine: "After everything that's happened, Sophie thinks that a wedding is the answer to everything.

"She's hoping that once she and Sian have gone through with it her parents will be forced to come round to the idea - because by then there'll be nothing they can do about it."

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