Tulisa Contostavlos puts Gary 'in his place'

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  • 22 November 2011
Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos likes to put Gary Barlow ''in his place'' on 'The X Factor' because she considers herself to be ''the boss'' of the ITV1 series

Tulisa Contostavlos likes to put Gary Barlow "in his place".

While the 'X Factor' judges have openly clashed on screen, the N-Dubz singer insists she is "the boss" of the ITV1 series and the sparring she has with the Take That star on the live shows is just friendly "banter".

She said: "I don't let people get to me - give me five minutes and I'm over it. Me and Gary are always having banter with each other.

"He has to be put in his place sometimes. I'd say I was the boss - Gary would probably disagree, but we all know who's boss."

Tulisa - who is mentoring girl band Little Mix in this year's competition - admitted while she has never shed a tear over 'The X Factor', she has to keep herself laughing otherwise she would end up crying live on TV.

She added in an interview with Star magazine: "I'm just getting on with the job and trying to enjoy every minute. If you don't laugh you'll cry - and I've never cried over 'The X Factor'."

However, Tulisa's signature arm salute could end up being banned by industry regulator Ofcom, as the body is reportedly considering launching an investigation into whether the star is illegally promoting her perfume 'The Female Boss' with her tattoo bearing the same name.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Tulisa could be breaking strict rules on the promotion and reference of commercial products when she holds her forearm across her chest to flash the tattoo at the start of each show.

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