Craig and Mark give each other X Factor support

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  • 18 November 2011
Craig Colton

Craig Colton

Liverpudlians 'X Factor' contestants Craig Colton and Marcus Collins have guided each other through the competition so far

'X Factor' stars Craig Colton and Marcus Collins have supported each other through the competition.

The hopefuls - who are both in the Boys section and mentored by Gary Barlow - have been sharing a room since the Boot Camp stage of the show, and have been both looking out for each other as they have progressed to the final six.

Speaking on 'BBC Breakfast', Craig said: "We were thrown together at Boot Camp - they threw us into a room and they locked the door, so we kind of had to talk to each other and since. We've been roommates in the house and we went to Los Angeles together at the judges' houses stage, and we've done through a lot of big things this year and we've always been there for each other."

"We're down to the top six now, and to think that me and him are still here [is amazing]."

Craig, 23, said his nerves kick in on Fridays when they partake in full rehearsal before the Saturday night live shows, and they admit that they can both fall out and take their highly charged emotions out on each other.

Marcus, also 23, added: "The worst thing is we take it out on each other. If we're nervous or anxious, we don't really argue with anyone else, but each other.

"Then just after the show's over we just want to hug it out, because there's so much pressure on us. Once it's gone and all the stress is over, that's when we enjoy it."

Craig also said that although some people think the contestants are out partying every night, they have to get up early to rehearse for the show.

He said: "Mondays to Wednesday we can get up about nine, but on Thursday to Sunday it's up at six."

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