Mother and The Addicts (4 stars)

Science Fiction Illustrated


(Chemikal Underground)


Mother and the Addicts’ debut album burst, in a flurry of white funk and eyeliner, from out of nowhere in 2005 – and subsequently left more people scratching their heads than dipping into their pockets. Successfully bedded in now, the Glasgow quartet return with another hair-brained hair-raiser – one that should rightly propel them to heights merited.

Orange Juice remain a heavy influence – particularly on Sam ‘Mother’ Smith’s knowing croon and wrist-heavy guitar work. There’s an unrelentingly groovy thrust this time round, though, one that incorporates everything from retro rockabilly (‘All In the Mind’) to bug-eyed electro funk (‘Watch the Lines’). It’s the sort of record whole new dances are invented to.

Mother and the Addicts, De Rosa and The Phantom Band

  • 4 stars

Chemikal Underground Christmas party featuring a headline set from the demented garage glam outfit whose 'Science Fiction Illustrated' album was the 100th release on the label.

Chem 100

  • 4 stars

Chemikal Underground celebrate their 100th release with this showcase from Mother & the Addicts, Aidan Moffat and De Rosa. Part of T on the Fringe.


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