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Pony Up

Nose plugs and a pair of Marigolds were required to sift through this week’s singles bag, such was its predominantly stinky content. The main offender being Shop Boyz’ gang banging rotter ‘Party Like a Rockstar’ (Universal) *, the fastest selling ringtone in US history, which says it all really.

‘Pressure Suit’ (Sony) ** by Aqualung improves matters marginally, but still essentially resembles Coldplay given the occasional squidgy electro drumbeat.

Also playing the ‘Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be . . .’ game this week are Pigeon Detectives, whose track ‘Take Her Back’ (Dance to the Radio) ** just sounds like a dodgy Kaiser Chiefs impersonation. Stirling scamps Jack Butler’s ‘Boy vs Beast’ (Whimsical) *** is a turn up for the books at least, as is ‘Making Me Money’ (Fiction) *** by Jacknife Lee, the former being a taut, dancey post-punk effort with traces of Modest Mouse all over it; the latter a sleazy electro-blues effort with traces of last night’s carry out all over it.

On to the strangely animal themed finale, featuring (rather appropriately) Animal Collective with ‘Peacebone’ (Domino) **** – a deviant beast of a tune, like a screaming child and a broken laptop trapped in the belly of a whale. It could have scooped Single of the Week, had all girl Canadian outfit Pony Up not galloped (sorry) off with the gong, for the brilliantly titled ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs (is That They Die)’ (Laughing Outlaw) ****. It’s a gorgeous indie-pop disco belter, so catchy that this reviewer just can’t help but hum along, even as he clutches his own feline chum to his bosom, crying.

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