EastEnders' Xmas special leaves four fighting for lives

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  • 17 November 2011
Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden

EastEnders' Christmas special will leave one character, Dr. Yusef Khan, dead and three others fighting for their lives in hospital

EastEnders' Christmas special will leave one character dead and three others in a critical condition.

The BBC One soap is planning a huge blaze which will see evil Dr. Yusef Khan dead (Ace Bhatti) dead, and hard nut Phil Mitchell - played by Steve McFadden - restaurant owner Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) and his son Tamwar (Himesh Patel) all left with life threatening injuries.

As a blazing inferno rips through Albert Square's Bed and Breakfast following a festive party, the entire first floor collapses, with Yusef seen plunging 10 feet through the flames.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "This is the biggest fire 'EastEnders' has ever seen and there will be casualties. It is such a huge disaster that it will affect most of the families on the show in one way or another.

"Masood passes out with all the smoke and heat, Phil is rushed to hospital and Tamwar leaves the B&B on fire.

"But Yusef is the one trapped inside and definitely won't live to see 2012. It's not just deaths this fire causes, its divorce and destruction among families."

However, the fire is not the only problem Phil faces, as he is set to be arrested for murder over the death of Kevin Wicks.

The police take him into custody after receiving an anonymous tip-off from a witness to Kevin's death in a horrific smash in 2007 while he was driving an illegal 'cut and shut' car sold to him by Phil.

While the mechanic has got away with the crime for four years, he has recently been receiving calls from a mystery bystander who knows he was responsible.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Phil's past is catching up with him. Whoever it is knows a lot about him and his history. The problem is that list is as long as your arm.

"He will almost be driven mad trying to find out who is tormenting him."

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