Various artists - Songs For Dying (4 stars)

Various artists - Songs For Dying

Vibrant collection of tunes exploring noise genres from techno to metal

(Pjorn 72)

The local Noiserati and associates’ recent reclaiming of their techno and/or metal roots helped their clan avoid a nihilistic dead end. As this bumper fifteen track compendium of clings, clangs, sci-fi slapstick, sepulchral drones, lysergic loveliness, ghosts in the machine, anthropological excavations and other light and shade metal machine music suggests, things remain in the blartiest of health.

Nackt Insecten, Blood Stereo, Jazzfinger, Culver, Dead Labour Process, UFO Antler Band and others produce an array of increasingly subtle, artfully mature and largely low-key meditations. All oddly life-affirming, even as it sometimes trips the shit out of you.

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