Com Truise - profile

Com Truise - profile

Photo: Aaron Richter

Seth Haley (under his synth-pop pseudonym) gears up to play Sneaky Pete's

Who: No, not the one married to Hatie Kolmes. Com Truise is the alias of Seth Haley, the New Jersey based producer behind this summer’s sublime Galactic Melt; his debut album, and one of this year’s finest, most addictive electronic synth-pop productions. It almost, but not quite, hit the highs of the EP he’d put out earlier this year on Ghostly International, ‘Cyanide Sisters’. He’s been touring the States with Active Child and Neon Indian and is about to wrap up a European tour, with the last date (accompanied by a drummer) in Edinburgh.

What: Haley describes the music he makes as ‘mid-fi, synthwave, slow motion funk’. Or, to put it another way, it sounds a bit like the more melodic, poppier Ford & Lopatin end of Daniel ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’ Lopatin’s output, or Boards of Canada if they did big, multicoloured, slowed-down power beats made for a dancefloor.

Haley’s a busy man – he’s made music in the past under the guises of Airliner, Sarin Sunday and SYSTM, and when he’s not making music, he’s a graphic designer for pharmaceutical ad campaigns. He designs all the artwork and visuals for Com Truise too, because, as he has said in the past, ‘who knows better than me what my sound looks like?’

Com Truise plays Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 3 Dec.

Com Truise - "Brokendate"


Com Truise

Slow wave funk on synths and drums from this Ghostly International signing.

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