Five things you might not know about the Pajama Men

Five things you might not know about the Pajama Men

Some fun facts about comedy duo Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez

1 The Pajama Men are Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez who met at high school in Albuquerque, while performing in a string of comedy improvisation groups. They got their big break at Chicago’s Second City, the legendary comedy and theatre mecca which helped launch the careers of Mike Myers, Joan Rivers and John Belushi.

2 Among their terribly clever dual-nature back-to-front show titles are Versus vs Versus, Stop Not Going and their current touring affair, In the Middle of No One. In the pair’s original guise as Sabotage, they earned a Perrier Best Newcomer nomination in 2004, the same festival at which they won the short-lived Dubble Act Award. Their thing is to create wafer-thin plots fleshed out majestically with a fast-paced series of comic characters through which the pair will transform themselves into schlocky magicians, demonic girls, Roman centurions, new age hippies or spinsters talking at least 20 to the dozen.

3 They created an anthropomorphic animated animal comedy entitled One Square Mile of Earth which showed up at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

4 The choice of stagewear came about as they were looking for something ‘basic and not too zany’ which after a while simply blends into the background. They admit they may have to ditch the jimmy jams should TV come calling.

5 Allen and Chavez are both the youngest child in their families. Which might explain everything. Or nothing.

Òran Mór, Glasgow, Mon 5 Dec.

One Square Mile of Earth - Part 1 - "Turtlenecks"

The Pajama Men | 2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival All Stars

The Pajama Men: In The Middle Of No One

A comic thriller sketch show about aliens and glory. Suitable for over 14s.

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