The List Hot 100 Awards to honour the best and brightest in Scottish arts and culture

The List Hot 100 Awards to honour the best and brightest in Scottish arts and culture

List Award and List Newcomer Award celebrate artistic achievement

It’s stating the obvious to say that Scotland is full of great artists and performers. Our cultural stars dominate the Turner Prize every year, grab lead roles in Hollywood films, and write epoch-defining novels and poetry. We publish an annual Hot 100 list to catalogue this talent, but it’s just not enough. The Hot 100 acknowledges the work of internationally acclaimed creatives. What about the people closer to home?

Step forward our two new end-of-year awards. The first, the List Award, will go to an individual or group responsible for a lasting, positive change made to the Scottish arts scene, whether it’s through work produced or support given to artists. It will be a clear and meaningful recognition of artistic achievement in Scotland – an award chosen by a panel of creative industry peers that will put a long-lasting stamp of approval on a worthwhile project. Added to this, there will be a List Newcomer Award, for achievements within an individual or group’s first 12 months of operation.

Anyone who ends up in our Hot 100 will be eligible for either award, and the winners will be announced at The List’s official Hot 100 party on Thu 15 Dec, at Edinburgh’s newly reopened National Portrait Gallery. With the help of judges from TV, theatre, music, film and other fields, The List will be picking the arts icons of 2011. The prize-winners will be splashed across the next issue, and we can’t wait to celebrate their work.

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