My New Home (3 stars)

Channel 4, Mon 13 Aug, 9pm


Stung by the claims of racism which dogged them over the Celebrity Big Bigot scandal, Channel 4 must be glad they can still make programmes like this one. My New Home catches up with three immigrant children who they first featured aged 11 and sees how they are coping with life in the UK. Quite differently, would be the answer.

Altynay from Kyrgyztan has managed to make friends in her sleepy Yorkshire village, and having arrived without a word of English is now chatting away like Geoff Boycott, admitting her real ambition is to hang out with Britney Spears and Madonna in ‘Lundin’. Zimbabwe’s Marshall, too, is making a big splash, courting a string of young English maidens and singing ‘Amarillo’ in the street. But Imran from Pakistan is having the toughest time, being bullied by his peers and playing cricket in the park on his own. Chances are his new home will soon be his old home.

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