Frankie Cocozza 'can't face' Gary Barlow

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  • 15 November 2011
Frankie Cocozza

Frankie Cocozza

Frankie Cocozza ''can't face'' talking to Gary Barlow in the wake of him being kicked off 'The X Factor' last week for bragging about taking cocaine

Frankie Cocozza "can't face" talking to Gary Barlow in the wake of being kicked off 'The X Factor'.

The 18-year-old hopeful - who was forced to leave the ITV1 show after being caught bragging about taking cocaine - thinks he will "completely crack up" if he comes face to face with his former mentor again.

He said: "Gary heard that the producers were speaking to me about something series, and he texted and said, 'Are you alright, mate?' and I said, 'No - I need to go, though'. He said, 'Get your head down and get some rest'. And then I quit and didn't speak to him again.

"I just can't face it. He's texted saying, 'Give me a call, mate', but I feel so bad. I think I'll completely crack up if I talk to him."

The party-loving lothario admitted the Take That singer was an "amazing" mentor throughout the competition and he feels terrible for letting him down.

Frankie added in an interview with heat magazine: "I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Gary was. I feel so bad for letting him down."

Gary Barlow

Solo from Take That's songwriter-singer, promoting his new album, the cheesily titled Since I Saw You Last.

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