Twin Sister - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, Thu 10 Nov 2011 (4 stars)

Twin Sister - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, Thu Nov 9 2011

Infectiously prettified melodies threatening to turn into dance-floor dream

In her geek-girl specs and floppy Annie Hall hat, 'Twin Sister' chanteuse Andrea Estella appears as quintessentially kooky a New Yorker as any aficionado of 1970s me-generation peak era Woody Allen movies could wish for. The check-shirted quartet of preppy boys cooking up a post-Vampire Weekend groove behind her concur, even as they counterpoint Estella's wispiness with something infinitely more twenty-first century.

Guitarist Eric Cardona actually opens his mouth first to sing in a disarmingly high voice before Estella picks things up for Bad Street, a sassy little strut fleshed out from the band's debut album proper, 'In Heaven', and which flits between bass-led punk-funk-lite, twinkly synths and even a brief Debbie Harry style rap. With shades of Saint Etienne, Fleetwood Mac, Broadcast and Curved Air gone disco, more often than not in the same song, such pick and mix eclectism soars into the ether, but shyly.

Rather, with Estella's gossamer-frail voice bobbing in, about and all around all such tributaries, Twin Sister are a user-friendly concoction of infectiously prettified melodies. Radio-friendly sleeper hit 'All Around And Away We Go' is a case in point. Toughened up for the live arena, given a late-night slot, Twin Sister might just cut loose enough to turn turn into a dance-floor dream.

Twin Sister - Bad Street

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