Transmission Gallery Group Show (4 stars)

Transmission Gallery Group Show

Sam Derounian, Graham Kelly and Conor Kelly shine in local artist showcase

A commendable group show brings together new work by nine Glasgow-based artists at the Transmission Gallery. Without a didactic theme to tie the exhibition together the viewer is free to contemplate works individually and to make subtle links with neighbouring pieces.

Highlights include Sam Derounian’s theatrical wooden cut out of a figure’s silhouette suspended in the air. Downstairs, Graham Kelly’s HD video is a collage of studio, found and location-shot footage and plays on the viewer’s emotions – overwhelmed empathy is cut short with tedious monotony, only to be drawn back in through beautifully shot images of the remnants of archaic culture that stirs up archetypal emotions. Accomplished painter Conor Kelly, whose practice operates within the excessive presence of history, here uses a stream-of-consciousness automatic technique, which results in the canvas being layered with its own painterly history. His brilliant titles – ‘K-Hoole / The Peacock Angel’ and ‘Don’t Switch Dicks in the Middle of a Screw, vote Nixon ‘72’ – consolidate concept and its material execution.

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, until Sat 26 Nov.

Group Show

Eclectic group show by nine Glasgow-based artists: Sam Derounian, Florrie James, Alex Impey, Conor Kelly, Graham Kelly, Tessa Lynch, Charlotte Prodger, Kari Robertson and Michael Smith.

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