Thea Djordjadze - Lost Promise in a Room (4 stars)

Thea Djordjadze - Lost Promise in a Room

A considered display of sculpture and objects in effective, minimalist setting

Strange objects roughly sculpted in plaster, propped up against walls, placed in corners and laid out in unusual places, are contrasted against minimalist lines of steel and smooth mirrored cubes. A lump of chicken wire is securely contained in a vitrine, and a light blue carpet dirtily abstracted with large strokes of white paint. Georgian born, Berlin-based artist Thea Djordjadze made most of these works specifically for the space. Her work displays the sensibility of a shaman’s hand that sculpts objects carbon dated to the present day.

While the simple linear forms reference ideals of the modernist museum display, the hand-made materials subvert this notion through its seemingly lo-fi quality. Through observing the carefully considered and meticulously placed collection of 21st century paraphernalia one can almost make the bold statement that it aims to find a means of communicating (via the material world) with the spirit realm. These look like objects attempting to alleviate the secular status quo of its irreverent worldview. The artist is an obsessive compulsive enchantress working with simple materials to bring forth convoluted forms.

The Common Guild, Glasgow, until Sat 26 Nov.

Thea Djordjadze: Lost Promise in a Room

Thea Djordjadze is a Georgian artist based in Berlin, whose work consists of fragile handmade objects made out of commonplace materials (kind of like people, then). Besides sculpture she also does drawing, painting, photography, video work and occasional music.

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