Don Paterson, OBE and bard of Dundee - profile

Don Paterson, OBE and bard of Dundee - profile

The Scottish poet is the subject of three different events this month

In a 2009 interview, Don Paterson insisted that the overriding characteristics of his work were ‘stupidity, incompetence and meanness of spirit’. A large handful of sodium chloride can be taken with that statement, as the bard of Dundee is clearly being way too modest. HRH certainly enjoys his output given that she has garlanded him with an OBE and the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, in 2008 and 2010 respectively. For those who want to see the kind of thing she may have curled up with at night once the corgis are settled, go to the collected likes of Rain, Landing Light or Nil Nil.

Paterson is a busy lad this month with two free events for your poetry pleasure. The Poetry Club is at the Glasgow Art Club, providing a new showcase for poets and which features Paterson alongside Peter Mackay, a writer who excels in both Gaelic and English, and Stirling-based poet and short story writer William Letford who was awarded an Edwin Morgan travel bursary to help restore a medieval village in Italy as well as penning some verse. And over in Edinburgh, Paterson delivers a reading at the Ingleby Gallery related to its current exhibition, Alison Watt’s Hiding in Full View. As if all that wasn’t enough, Paterson’s work is the subject of the Nothing But the Poem discussion at the Scottish Poetry Library (Sat 19 Nov). Wonder if he’ll try to sneak in at the back for a listen?

The Glasgow Art Club, Thu 24 Nov; Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Fri 2 Dec.

Nothing but the Poem

Poetry discussion forum with no preparation or previous knowledge required, focusing on a different poet each month.

The Poetry Club

Glasgow's new showcase for the city's network of poets.

Poetry with Don Paterson

An event to accompany the current exhibition by Alison Watt.

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