Rick Remender & Tony Moore - Venom / Zeb Wells & Clayton Crain - Carnage (3 stars)

Rick Remender & Tony Moore - Venom / Zeb Wells & Clayton Crain - Carnage

Spiderman villains comics deliver great action and wholesale destruction

(Marvel UK)

A double dose of villains this month, reintroducing two of Spider-Man’s arch enemies to the Marvel Universe. Venom and Carnage are both symbiotes, a parasitic species that bonds with a human host bestowing them with immense power at a terrifying cost, as they must fight the alien lifeform’s murderous cravings.

Venom originally bonded with Peter Parker back in 1984 but since then he’s merged with various other hosts, most notably Eddie Brock, and is now deployed by the government for covert black ops missions with Flash Thompson (who is confined to a wheelchair while not combined with the symbiote). Carnage, the spawn of Venom, teamed up with serial killer Cletus Kasady transforming him into a psychotic mass murderer. Here, an industrialist rival of Tony Stark (Iron Man) attempts to exploit Carnage for a series of advanced technological patents. Of course, Carnage isn’t easy to control and soon Spider-Man and Iron Man are locked in yet another deadly battle with the twisted killer.

Both comics offer some great action, wholesale destruction and plenty of cool imagery courtesy of Tony Moore and Clayton Crain. However Venom just wins this supervillain showdown with a sympathetic new lead character and an interesting moral question involving the use of the injured Thompson as a host.

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