Lovespring International (2 stars)

Sky One, Sun 12 Aug, 10.30pm


Ricky Gervais can be criticised for many things, such as his mad cackle and the popularity of Karl Pilkington. And here’s a third thing. Lovespring International would most likely never have been made had the US not fallen in love with The Office.

There’s really no other way of putting this; it’s a total rip-off. It’s filmed in exactly the same way and the ‘characters’ deliver their thoughts and feelings to camera before it cuts away to them being undermined or frustrated or annoyed about something vaguely related. The only thing that’s different is that Lovespring International is 200 times less funny than An American Workplace which was 25 times more pointless than anything else on TV. Set in a struggling dating agency, people bitch and moan, stab each other in the back and suffer private humiliations in public. Sound familiar?

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