The Rubberbandits

The Rubberbandits

The musical comedy pranksters are coming to Glasgow, and they've got a horse outside

Last year, they just missed out on the Christmas number one in their native Ireland, with the brilliant ‘Horse Outside’ notching over 8m views on YouTube (see below). And now gangster rap scamps The Rubberbandits are filming a series of online sketches for Channel 4 with Father Ted and Little Britain director Declan Lowney. Elastic-limbed frontman Mr Chrome and brains of the outfit Blindboy Boat Club hail from Limerick and rap about sniffing glue and wanting to fight your father, yet sing sweetly about retarded birds of prey while disguising their true identities in plastic bags, ‘because we enjoy going to Tesco and buying carrots in peace’.

From a cult phenomenon, ‘the grand pricks of prank phone calls’ and their sweaty, inexplicable live shows have led to them supporting Ice Cube, a performance they plan to repeat in 2050 because ‘he’d look brilliant in a spacesuit on a hoverboard’. And they’ve even spoken at Trinity College’s Philosophical Society, where they scrawled ‘a picture of 2Pac into a 300-year-old book that had Jonathan Swift’s signature in it’. The track ‘Danny Dyer’ prompted reprisals – ‘he shat into a square foot of cling film and put it into my nan’s letterbox’ – and the IRA have issued a statement regarding ‘Up the Ra’, complaining that ‘the bass could have been fuller and the hi-hats clearer, but other than that they agree with everything in the song’.

Despite only appearing in Glasgow, they plan ‘to stop by Edinburgh and give it a wash. The stonework on all the buildings look like the inside of a tramp’s mouth’. And the duo refute the much maligned reputation of their own city, maintaining that tourists ought to visit because ‘in 1919 it declared itself to be an independent communist country for a full month. The Limerick Soviet than fell apart after the leaders argued over the ownership of a horse.’

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Fri 18 Nov.

Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

The Rubberbandits and Demimonde

Comic masked marauders from Limerick with songs about horses, greyhounds and the IRA.

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