Throwing Muses - Òran Mór, Glasgow, Mon 7 Nov 2011 (4 stars)

Throwing Muses - Òran Mór, Glasgow, Mon 7 Nov 2011

Powerful performance from Kristin Hersh and co

Considering the period in which Throwing Muses enjoyed the bulk of their popularity, it’s no surprise that tonight’s return to Glasgow sees largely middle-aged couples pour through the doors of the Òran Mór in their droves.

Kristin Hersh isn’t exactly in her angsty early 20s any more either but one of the most striking things about tonight’s show is the intensity with which these songs are delivered, as if she’s stumbled upon some kind of mid-90s fountain of youth.

Completed by long-time members, drummer David Narcizo and bassist Bernard Georges, Throwing Muses waste little time in giving us a series of reasons to stay out on a cold Monday night in Glasgow, blazing through the songs that made them on the back of the recently-released Anthology collection.

Slinking side-to-side like a snake charmer with eyes shooting daggers the length of the room, Hersh commands attention through a fevered version of ‘Soul Soldier’, maintaining her form throughout the likes of ‘Bright Yellow Gun’ and ‘Shark’, her voice often breaking up into a throaty howl.

It’s a set not just powerfully performed but also a reminder of how to make a tasteful return to form.

Throwing Muses Bright Yellow Gun

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