The Shivers - Mono, Glasgow, Mon 7 Nov 2011 (4 stars)

The Shivers - Mono, Glasgow, Mon 7 Nov 2011

Impressive, broad-ranging show from the US/Aussie duo

‘I really love Glasgow,’ says The Shivers’ Keith Zarriello, ‘it’s much better than London.’ Cue easy-won cheers and chants from the home crowd. ‘He loves the power, don’t give it to him,’ laughed his keyboard playing accomplice Jo Schornikow.

Too heartfelt to be twee, too kooky to be straightlaced, just street enough to fit perfectly on Fence (they were signed to the label after Fence’s label runner, Johnny Lynch saw them perform at South by Southwest in 2009) this American/Australian duo have the air of Moldy Peaches with a bit more post-punk New York sass or, going on appearances, some impossible double act between Stanley Kowalski and Kristen Schaal.

Their schtick moves between the straight-faced (‘Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars’, and the religious imagery of ‘Roses’) and the downright comedy, most notably the layered-on torment of rinky-dink piano confessional ‘Remain in the Pain Zone’ (where ‘you drink more, and then you take drugs, and then you take more drugs’). Then often, as on the new album’s title track ‘More’ or the point where ‘African Passport’ unexpectedly segues into The Everly Brothers’ ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’, they hit upon the strikingly emotional.


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