The Shoogle Project - Frank McConnell of Plan B

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  • 15 November 2011
The Shoogle Project - Interview with Frank McConnell of Plan B

Traditional Scottish band Shooglenifty collaborate with dance group Plan B

How did the Shoogle Project come about, and who is involved?

I went to see Shooglenifty at a gig in Cromarty about three years ago and just loved their great dance music. When I put the idea of doing a show jointly they were unequivocal in a resounding ‘yes’. It’s taken quite a while to raise the funding but it’s been worth the wait. Quee MacArthur and myself have collaborated together on a few other projects but this is the first time both band and company have joined forces. There are six regular members in the band who play fiddle, guitar, drums, bass, banjo and mandolin – and Plan B has six dancers on stage.

What can people expect from the Shoogle Project experience?

To hear some great music; be moved by it and want to get up on the floor. But we’re just as happy for people to listen and watch the fabulous dancers in the performance pieces. It’s a very easy atmosphere created by the band and the dancers, and the audience feel very much included.

What are the hopes and aspirations of Plan B – and how does the Shoogle Project fit into that?

Essentially plan B wants people to move and to be moved. In that respect it’s a perfect combination with Shooglenifty who have spent 20 years inspiring people to dance to their music. As a combined ensemble we all feel a great connection to the material and the audiences who attend – we won’t get bored of it soon and we’d love it to continue for a few years yet.

The Shoogle Project, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 26 & Sun 27 Nov.

The Shoogle Project

Dance company Plan B team up with high-octane folk band Shooglenifty for an evening that's part gig, part dance performance and part ceilidh.

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