Eat, sleep and breathe: The Drums

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  • 15 November 2011
Eat, sleep and breathe: The Drums

The Brooklyn indie-poppers' guitarist Jacob Graham lets us in on his tour-time eating habits

What time is breakfast?
Whenever I wake up. Usually around 9.30 or 10am. But going through time zones can mess that up.

Tea or coffee?
I’ve never really gotten into either. I do like hot chocolate though.

Smoking or non-smoking?

Sweet or savoury snacks?
I guess savoury, but that word creeps me out for some reason.

What food do you miss when you tour?
A certain crêpe in the West Village, and the company it goes with.

Who’s the best cook you know?
My dad.

What’s on your rider?
Not sure exactly. Some fruit and vegetables, cold cuts, stuff like that. Socks.

Which country or city has the best food?
I don’t know, cause I don’t know much about food. One time I ate dog food by accident.

Do you eat out a lot?
Probably more than most.

Do you drink onstage?
Sometimes! When I’m thirsty.

The Drums play the O2 ABC, Glasgow, Sat 3 Dec; HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, Sun 4 Dec.

The Drums - Money

The Drums

Brooklyn indie pop band who dig all things Scottish and jangly from the 80s.

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