Caetano Veloso & Maria Gadú - Multishow Ao Vivo (4 stars)

Caetano Veloso & Maria Gadú - Multishow Ao Vivo

Stripped-back concert recording from Brazilian singer/guitarist and up and coming singer


This superb stripped-back concert sees Brazilian hero and singer/guitarist Caetano Veloso partnered by up-and-coming female singer Maria Gadú. Armed only with acoustic guitars, their deceptively light, shapely and meaningful voices blend beautifully, supported by those disconcerting Brazilian harmonies that captivate from the word go.

This is intimacy writ-large: both offer aching solos, share classics like ‘Bela Pura’ and ‘O Leãozinho’ and swap parts on new and lesser known pieces. As an aside, shame on Universal for not bothering to translate lyrics already heavily obscured by ambitious graphics. Luckily the beauty of it all seduces even if you’re unsure exactly what they are singing about. It’s a magical experience and surely the live recording of the year.

Maria Gadú e Caetano Veloso - Rapte-me Camaleoa (Ao Vivo Prêmio Multishow 2010)

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