Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow (4 stars)

Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow

The sensual, seductive Bush dominates a sparse, wintery, piano-led slow-burner

(Fish People/EMI)

In a burst of prolificacy unmatched since her 1978 debut year Kate Bush makes two new albums in 2011, raising her total for the last 18 years to a whopping three. Where Director’s Cut saw her reinterpret old songs, 50 Words For Snow comprises all new material, and will reassure patient fans that the famous recluse remains both a genius and certifiable loon.

It’s the sensual, seductive Bush we get throughout this sparse, wintery, piano-led slow-burner. On ‘Wild Man’ she makes oddly sexy listening out of whispering breathily about yetis; on ‘Snowed in at St Wheeler St’ she duets smoulderingly with Elton John. The fantastically weird title track – which features Stephen Fry listing 50 world expressions for snow like they’re aphrodisiac desserts – is comfortably the best song ever to contain the word ‘falupanjumpala’.

Kate Bush - Wild Man - radio edit still video

Kate Bush

The English songstress and notorious recluse who brought us the impossibly high pitched hits 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Babooshka' performs Before the Dawn, her first tour since 1979.

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