Atlas Sound - Parallax (4 stars)

Atlas Sound - Parallax

Deerhunter multi-instrumentalist's third and best solo album


The term ‘side-project’ somehow doesn’t do justice to Atlas Sound, the title under which the prolific Bradford Cox operates as a solo artist when he’s not doing his squally noise rock thing with Deerhunter. The Athens, Georgia based multi-instrumentalist’s third and best solo album to date has moments crazily brilliant enough to nudge even Deerhunter’s finest – and there are many of them – into the margins.

Outwardly Cox is your typical awkward misfit guy making tunes to sooth a troubled soul. But however much he might shyly dial-down the vocals and shroud himself in dreamy synth, at heart he’s a pop classicist who writes platinum melodies – ‘My Angel Is Broken’ could be glam-era Bowie with Berlin era production; on ‘Mona Lisa’, Parallax’s, ahem, masterpiece, he comes across like an early solo period John Lennon on a shoestring budget.

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Atlas Sound - 'Terra Incognita'

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