Bill Wells - Lemondale (4 stars)

Bill Wells - Lemondale

One of Wells’ most ambitious and enchanting records to date

(Double Six)

You wonder if Bill Wells ever sleeps. The Glasgow indie / avant-jazz catalyst has already made one of the albums of this year in Everything’s Getting Older, his exquisite union with Aidan Moffat – not to mention his forthcoming National Jazz Trio of Scotland LP, and contribution to Jens Lekman’s recent ‘An Argument With Myself’ EP. But that hasn’t put the brakes on Lemondale – one of Wells’ most ambitious and enchanting records to date.

Lemondale was recorded in one day in Tokyo by Wells and a 14-strong cast from the Japanese Underground, including Tenniscoats’ Saya, Kama Aina’s Takuji Aoyagi, Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz) and ex-Sonic Youth guitarist Jim O’Rourke. Its experimental meditations, vocal serenades and wide-screen melodies are sublime.

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