George Clooney for Miranda cameo?

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  • 10 November 2011
George Clooney

George Clooney

Actress Sarah Hadland wants George Clooney to play her love interest in 'Miranda'

George Clooney is being targeted for a guest role in 'Miranda'.

Actress Sarah Hadland, who plays toy shop worker Stevie in the hit BBC sitcom, wants her dippy character to get a boyfriend and plans to ask creator Miranda Hart to approach the 'Ides of March' star about making a cameo appearance.

Sarah said: "I'd like Stevie to get a lovely hunky boyfriend. George Clooney would be nice!

"Maybe a big Hollywood star would quite like to do a quirky little British sitcom. I'll suggest it to Miranda."

Sarah's character is known for her love of 90s pop group M People - often singing the line "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" from their single 'Proud' - and the actress says fans of the show regularly send her masks of the group's singer, Heather Small, in the post.

She said:"I've had a few home-made Heather masks sent to me, which is quite sweet. People ask me to do it, to sing it down the phone to their friends."

Sarah also admitted her character's catchphrase came about after Miranda observed her behaving in a similar way to her alter-ego during her audition.

She explained to The Scotsman newspaper: "I went to her flat with a camcorder, she had the rough bones of the script and she said 'Let's just mess about with this'. She quite quickly started latching on to things that I did.

"That's how the Heather Small thing came about. We'd stopped filming and I was wandering around the flat talking and I just blurted out the line. She immediately went 'Why did you do that?' and I was like 'Um, I don't know, I just sing random bits out of songs.' "

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