Carlos Paredes - Guitarra Portuegesa / Movimento Perpetuo (5 stars)

Carlos Paredes - Guitarra Portuegesa / Movimento Perpetuo

(Drag City)

Fêted by Six Organs of Admittance and the Kronos Quartet, Carlos Paredes was a virtuoso of the Portuguese guitar, a small 12-stringed instrument with a crystalline sound. Paredes was known as ‘the man of a thousand fingers’ and these albums are beautifully recorded, picking up every exquisite detail of his astonishing playing.

Guitarra Portuegesa (1967) was the album which put him on the international map, a collection of compositions in the traditional fado style. ‘Cancao Verdes Anos’ and ‘Romance No 1’ are utterly spellbinding in their gorgeous melancholy, while the faster dance tunes are full of energy and grace. Movimento Perpétuo (1971) saw Paredes (who passed away in 2004) open his style to classical and jazz influences, anticipating his later collaboration with the bassist Charlie Haden. Sublime.

Carlos Paredes - Verdes Anos

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