Beady Eye will make 'life-changing' album

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  • 5 November 2011
Liam Gallagher

Beady Eye

Liam Gallagher has promised his band Beady Eye's next album will be ''life-changing'' and will be inspired by George Harrison's seminal solo LP 'All Things Must Pass'

Beady Eye's second album will "life-changing".

The group are getting ready to start recording the follow-up to 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', and singer Liam Gallagher promises it will be a landmark LP in his career.

Referring to the group's debut, he said: "It wasn't life-changing, but the next album - that'll be life-changing. It'll be a much grander affair too, with strings.

"I'm really into 'All Things Must Pass' by George Harrison at the moment, so I think we'll be going down that road a bit more."

Referring to the famous Wall of Sound producer, he added: "(It will be) a bit Phil Spector-ish. I want it to be big-sounding. But there will be some rock 'n' roll too. You've always got to have a bit of rock 'n' roll."

Liam also doesn't understand how people could dismiss the group - which also includes Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock, who were in Liam's old band Oasis at the time of their split - just because it doesn't involve his estranged brother Noel.

He added to The Independent newspaper: "I was surprised that people were surprised [by how good the album was]. The idea that we wouldn't be able to make a decent album between us is stupid. I know what I'm doing, Gem and Andy have been writing great songs for years so they know what they're doing. Why wouldn't it be good?"

Beady Eye

Liam Gallagher and the rest of the Oasis line-up who are not Noel strut their stuff.

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