Faye voted out of Big Brother

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  • 4 November 2011
Faye and Maisy find they are up for eviction


Faye lost out to Louise in 'Big Brother, being evicted just before the final week of the show

Faye has been evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The 19-year-old wrestler kissed her on-off lover Aaron telling him she "loved him" when she was forced to leave - losing to fellow contestant Louise - and was promptly met with loud boos from the waiting audience.

Speaking to presenter Brian Dowling, the teenage beauty confessed she didn't mind the boos.

She said: "It's really surreal. It's a bit of pantomime. I'm proud of everything I've done and loved every minute in there."

Speaking from in the house, Aaron - who she has argued with constantly while spending time with him - admitted he felt like he had lost his own arm because they had spent so much time together.

Aaron: "I don't know what to say. I feel like I've lost an arm. It's ridiculous to say but she's just a part of my 24 hours every day. We play in the day. I'm pleased for Louise but just gutted."

The next seven days will be the final of the show, on Channel 5 for the first time, and Jay, Louise, Tom, Aaron and Alex will be competing for the winning place.

In a surprise twist, the £100,000 prize fund is to be split; the winner will get £50,000 and the rest has to be split between the housemates.

'Big Brother' has already divided the money, but not into equal amounts - with one person in the house set to receive just £10.

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