Katie Price shed tears over TV show

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  • 3 November 2011
Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price cried when she had to pick the winner of her new TV show 'Signed By Katie Price', as cutting hopeful models from the competition was no easy feat

Katie Price cried when she had to pick the winner of her new TV show 'Signed By Katie Price'.

The 33-year-old beauty launched the Sky Living programme to find a new model to sign to her agency and she admits cutting the contestants from the competition was no easy feat.

She said: "I actually got really emotional, especially in the final, there's me crying on stage for about 10 minutes because I genuinely didn't know who to pick as the winner, because you do get attached to them.

"They were all great, but obviously they were all so different, but each week someone has to go and it is hard."

As well as her model search show, Katie has also written another novel, 'Santa Baby', and is planning to start work soon on her fifth autobiography.

During an interview on 'This Morning', the former glamour model - who has sold millions of copies of her biographies and fictional tomes - revealed: "It won't be out for another year-and-a-half to two years. The last one was a year-and-a-half ago, I think I do one every year-and-a-half. A tell-all of what's happened in my life.

"But it's different to my first autobiography when I was younger I put like detailed things in, but I've grown up now so I do it in a more adult way. It's not a kiss and tell, I don't aim to do that, it's literally my life and the emotions I've been through, all the good things, all the bad things."

Katie Price

Katie Price discusses her life story and performs her brand new single, 'I Got U'.

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