EastEnders Ben points finger at Christian

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  • 2 November 2011
Joshua Pascoe

Joshua Pascoe

EastEnders' Ben Mitchell is to falsely accuse Christian Clarke of molesting him after he proposes a DVD night together

EastEnders' Ben Mitchell is to falsely accuse Christian Clarke of molesting him.

The sexually confused teen - played by Joshua Pascoe - will make his accusations against the gay personal trainer in a shock new plot, which hits Albert Square next week.

Ben's crush on Christian (John Partridge) leads him to ask if he'd like to watch a DVD with him, and when he turns up at his flat later that evening the youngster misreads the signals and tries to kiss him.

Christian rejects his advances and Ben is spotted running off in embarassment through the Square by evil doctor, Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti).

Yusuf asks Ben what happened and after initially saying nothing went on, the teen falsely makes an accusation that Christian touched him inappropriately.

Word gets back to Ben's hardman dad, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who confronts Christian in the Queen Vic.

After a heated discussion, Christian punches Phil in the face, leading the burly businessman to wage war against the hunk, as well as smashing up his flat and eventually attacking him.

According to The Sun newspaper, although Ben later confesses he lied about the incident, it has a huge impact on the trainer and boyfriend Syed's already complicated relationship, which sees Christian temporarily leave Walford.

This paves the way for Syed's spurned wife, Amira Shah, and their daughter Yasmin to make further inroads back into his life.

Preeya Kalidas - who plays Amira - recently said: "The only person that Amira needs in Yasmin's life is Syed - Christian has no place whatsoever.

"I think Syed is going to feel very torn between Christian and Amira, because she has every right to say that she doesn't want Christian to be involved with their baby."

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