Graham Norton happy to take payc cut

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  • 28 October 2011
Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton would ''absolutely'' take a pay cut to keep working at the BBC because he thinks cutbacks should be across the board

Graham Norton would "absolutely" take a pay cut to keep working at the BBC.

The TV talk show host is currently re-negotiating his deal with the channel and insists he would have no problem taking a cut in his salary because the network are trying to save money and he thinks they should do so "across the board".

Graham - who joined the network in 2005 and also agreed to a pay cut in 2009 - said: "I assume the negotiations are all fine, as the chat show is in the schedules after Christmas and I've got a radio show on New Year's Eve!

"Will I take a pay cut? Absolutely. God yes. There should be no special cases. The cutbacks at the BBC are across the board, which is how it should be.

"OK, I'm not thrilled at the prospect of a cut. I won't open a bottle of Cava to celebrate. But I'm realistic about the future of the BBC and how things have to be. I just have to keep going until my wages get to a level where I kind of go, 'I'm not going to do that anymore.' "

Graham can't understand why people are so critical of the BBC's spending - which is funded by the TV licence - and thinks more should be done to "protect" the network.

He added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We know what the BBC pays every on-screen person - presenter, actor, weatherman, extra, newsreader, dancer - and it's something tiny like 8% of the overall licence fee.

The country should be proud of the BBC and you'd think the Government would be bending over backwards to protect it. My fear is that people will wake up when it's too late, saying, 'Remember when it was great?'. By then it will be operating out of two Portakabins in Leeds."

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