Copy Haho and Café Disco – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Tue 18 Oct (4 stars)

Copy Haho and Café Disco – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Tue 18 Oct

Pop-rock double bill met with mild-mannered, heartfelt appreciation

Cafe Disco seem a little nervous during their first foray onto the Edinburgh live scene. The combination of winning pop riffs and the odd spot of rocking out is as successful as ever, but the confidence they’ve displayed at west coast gigs is a little absent here. This could be down to the notoriously reserved praise of the traditional Edinburgh live music audience (as opposed to the warm adulation typical of the Glasgow equivalent) – set highlights such as opener ‘Start Again’, ‘Terra Nova’ and forthcoming single ‘Persona’ are fantastic as ever, but fail to generate the kind of energy the band may be accustomed to from a home crowd.

Headliners Copy Haho have no such qualms, having played shows and toured with the likes of Dananananaykroyd, Los Campesinos! and Two Door Cinema Club in the past. They fit quite happily into the Franz Ferdinand art-rock mould – lead singer Joe Hearty is nattily attired in black turtleneck and trouser-turn-ups – with a dash of punk spirit mixed in. Stage banter flows freely and hilariously between Hearty and bassist Richard Scott (after Richard pokes fun at English audiences for their inclination to riot, Joe interrupts, ‘Shut up, Richard, we’re not that sort of band. Anyway, for all you know, I’m in favour of terrorism.’ Richard responds, ‘Well, you are dressed like a blackshirt’). This bickering fosters an air of camaraderie with the audience, and songs such as ‘Wrong Direction’ and ‘Dying Breed’ (both from their recently-released self-titled album) go down an Edinburgh storm – that is, with polite hand clapping and the occasional joyous whoop. Here’s hoping both bands won’t be put off future gigs in the capital by our mild-mannered (but heartfelt) appreciation.

Café Disco - Terra Nova live

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