Sam and Billie Faiers hire bodyguards

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  • 26 October 2011
Sam and Billie Faiers on the night of the attack

Sam and Billie Faiers

Sam and Billie Faiers have hired bodyguards in the wake of their brutal attack

Sam and Billie Faiers have hired bodyguards in the wake of their brutal attack.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' sisters - who were left fearing for their lives after they were beaten to the ground by a savage girl gang - are too "terrified" to go out on their own without being accompanied by a burly security guard, and have even had the locks changed at their Essex home.

Sam told The Sun newspaper: "There is no way we will be going anywhere near where it happened. It's left us terrified of further repercussions. We're discussing security.

Billie added: "It's the only thing we can do to feel safe. We've been too scared to go out. I lost everything."

After Sam was knocked unconscious and rushed to hospital for a brain scan as a result of the attack and Billie had her £1,500 Mulberry handbag, mobile phone, money and jewellery stolen, the pair will now be accompanied by bodyguards whenever they feel necessary.

A spokesperson confirmed: "It is being arranged. Whenever the girls feel it appropriate they will have security around them."

Yesterday, Sam likened her attackers to a "herd of elephants".

She said: "They just came at me like a herd of elephants. It's just a blur. I was being so violently attacked by so many girls there was nothing I could do but curl up into a ball. Then I passed out.

"I was smashed to the ground and just beaten. I was punched in the face and kicked in the head.

"I've been told one girl started screaming. She thought they had killed me because I wasn't moving. If a kick had landed any differently I could be dead."

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