Kitty Brucknell hits out at 'fake' X Factor hopefuls

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  • 25 October 2011
Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell has hit out at ''fake'' 'X Factor' contestants, but the controversial blonde believes she has been true to herself throughout the show

Kitty Brucknell thinks she is the least "fake" contestant on 'The X Factor'.

The controversial hopeful - who narrowly escaped elimination from the ITV1 show last weekend after landing in the bottom two alongside Sami Brookes - believes some of the wannabes are not being true to themselves, but she is just being portrayed as a "pantomime villain".

She said: "There's no acting, there is no fakeness from me. Believe me there are people in here who are fake, but I'm not. I promise you that. Every year there is one person picked on as the panto villain, but that's fine. It's not something that's important to me. I just want to be a good performer.

"I think getting booed is something that people expected because of the way that I have been portrayed. It's not about people who hate you. Even if 100,000 people hate me, if 100,000 people like me that's all that counts."

The eccentric blonde admitted she is proud of her unique style, but she is set to change her approach on next week's show (29.10.11), which will see the remaining 10 contestants take on a Halloween Fright Night theme.

She added in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper: "I'm not trying to be a wannabe, I'm not trying to copy anyone, I just like doing the stuff that I do. I have my own original style and my own original music.

"I'm really looking forward to this week. It's a big surprise, everything you know about me is going to change. I'm going a bit darker."

"It's all about the theatrics for me. It's all about the drama. I'm a theatrical performer and you're going to see something really different from me on this week's show."

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