Sami Brookes voted off The X Factor

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  • 24 October 2011
Sami Brookes

Sami Brookes

Sami Brookes became the latest contestant to be voted off 'The X Factor' after landing in the bottom two alongside Kitty Brucknell last night (23.10.11)

Sami Brookes has been voted off 'The X Factor'.

The 31-year-old hopeful found herself in the bottom two against Kitty Brucknell in last night's (23.10.11) results show, with three of the judges - including Louis Walsh, who mentored both women - opting to send her home and only Tulisa wanting to save her following her rendition of Aretha Franklin's hit 'A Natural Woman'.

Refusing to send the vote to deadlock when it stood 2-1 in Kitty's favour, Louis said: "I love both girls, but Kitty, you're not connecting with the public for some reason. Sami, you were incredible, you sang your heart out. Do I go with my head? Do I go with my heart?

"I'm going to go with my heart and the person I'm going to have to send home is Sami."

Despite being voted off, Sami has vowed to carry on pursuing her musical dream.

She said: "I may not be able to sell a million albums, but I am going to sing for the rest of my life."

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Sami was the person Louis was referring to when he complained on Saturday's (22.10.11) live show that Misha B had been bullying one of his acts.

The outspoken teenager reportedly upset Sami during a night out at London's Hard Rock Café, where she told her rival she was not in the "top four" of finalists and then pushed in front of her as photographers took pictures of the group.

They are said to have had a row the next day, which left Sami in tears.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Misha muscled in the way of Sami to grab the limelight."

Misha's mentor Kelly Rowland was furious over Louis' comments, which came as Tulisa accused her of being "mean" to other hopefuls.

A show source said: "Kelly came off set with steam pouring out of her ears.

"She demanded to speak to producers and screamed, 'How the hell did you let her get away with that.' She said she felt she'd been stitched up as they could have tackled any issues with Misha off air and not aired their dirty laundry in front of millions of viewers. She was trembling with rage."

Misha later admitted she had been a bully in the past, but insisted she is a different person now.

She said: "At school I was bullied - and I did bully people myself, but I am a different person now.

"Saturday's experience will make me stronger. I really looked up to Tulisa and the way she goes on about girl power, but I feel the situation could have been dealt with a lot better.

"Being called an 'X Factor' bully on live TV was not fair. I know I am not a bad person."

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