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  • 28 October 2011
Mr Scruff's Hallowe'en playlist

Featuring Fela Kuti, Le Noiz, Giuliano Sorgini and Whodini

Fela Kuti - ‘Zombie’

A 12-and-a-half minute afro-funk groove from the father of Afrobeat. The lyrics are about the Nigerian army, but it works perfectly well in a spooky situation.

Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield & Stephen Stills - ‘Season Of The Witch’

Before he was one quarter of CSN&Y, blues guitarist Stills led this lengthy cover of Donovan’s pioneering psych-rock number, as sampled by The Pharcyde on 'Ya Mama'

Giuliano Sorgini - ‘The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue’

Creepy yet occasionally poppy soundtrack to Jorge Grau’s 1974 Spanish/Italian horror. It was a very scarce and expensive album to get hold of before last year's CD reissue.

Whodini - ‘The Freaks Come Out At Night’

Early 80s electro-hip hop. I remember playing this on tape back in 1985 when I was part of a spooky themed carnival float!

Le Noiz - ‘I’m Scared’

Another pioneering work, this one from the alter ego of Jesse Saunders. Near impossible to track down online, but you can listen to the B-side, ‘Get Out’.

Mr Scruff, Potterrow, Edinburgh, Thu 17 Nov; The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 18 Nov.

Fela Kuti - Zombie (full length)

Season of the Witch - Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills

The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue(Too Many Titles)Soundtrack - Part 2

Whodini - Freaks come out at Night (original)

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