Martin John Henry - The Other Half of Everything (4 stars)

Martin John Henry - The Other Half of Everything

Impressive and thoughtful debut from ex-De Rosa frontman


The Other Half of Everything is the debut solo record from Martin John Henry, perhaps best known for fronting DeRosa – a much-loved, much-missed and highly influential band that once held their own in the Glasgow music community.

MJH’s debut is the product of a year spent locked in the studio, which is evident in these 11 songs’ broad musical palette and subtle sonic intricacies. It straddles well trodden, low-key acoustic territory, touching base with numerous electronic textures and colourful orchestral washes along the way. It’s also an album with firm footing in a natural atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the breathtaking hills on its front cover. An impressive and thoughtful debut that demonstrates a real passion for quality songwriting.

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