Paddy Doherty and Sally Bercow bag reality show

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  • 21 October 2011
Sally Bercow

Sally Bercow

Paddy Doherty and Sally Bercow are to star in their own reality TV show, 'When Paddy met Sally', in which she will move into his caravan

Paddy Doherty and Sally Bercow are to star in their own reality TV show.

The Irish traveller and the wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow - who became friends after appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' together in the summer - will live alongside each other for new Channel 5 programme 'When Paddy met Sally' in Paddy's caravan in north Wales.

Rosemary, the wife of the former bare-knuckle fighter will move out as Sally moves in, and Paddy admits he could be in for a tough time.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner said: "I'm getting paid a few bob to live with her for a few weeks. I told the people when I signed up that I'm likely to murder her.

"She better know that I can't cook and clean. I can wash a cup but that's about it. If she tells me to start cooking and cleaning, I'm going to kick off. I'll teach her something about gipsy life, that's for sure. She'll know what travelling is all about when I've finished with her."

However, Paddy is unsure whether he will be moving into the Westminster flat Sally shares with her high-profile husband and their three children.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "We got on diamond in the 'Big Brother' house so I've agreed to come and let her live with me for two weeks.

"I think me woman will move out for a week but not sure what's happening the other way round, whether I'll move in to the House Of Commons with her."

Sally has previously said she would love to star in 'Celebrity Wife Swap' with Paddy but didn't think her husband would be keen.

She said: "I'd love to do a show with Paddy about the traveller community, or 'Celebrity Wife Swap'.

"I don't think John would be up for that but it would be hilarious. I love reality television and I'd love to do something with Paddy."

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