Kelly Clarkson admits depressing songs

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  • 21 October 2011
Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson admits although she writes a lot of ''depressing s**t,'' but is a happy person in her everyday life

Kelly Clarkson admits although she writes a lot of "depressing s**t".

The 29-year-old-singer admitted a lot of her lyrics can appear negative, but insists in real life she is a happy and satisfied person, as she channels all her negative energy into her songs.

She told "Well yes, I might write a load of depressing s**t but I'm a very happy person. Annoyingly so. I let it out in songs. Writing is very therapeutic. But I'm an annoyingly happy person."

Kelly's new single, 'Mr Know it All', has something of a country sound to it, and she thinks maybe one day she could release an album of country songs.

She added: "I like a lot of different things, but only for listening to. As for me singing, if I'm ever going to sing stuff it's going to be pop, or maybe country because I grew up singing country.

"It's a very soulful song and when I sing with attitude I tend to sound very Texan, and it's probably down to that."

Kelly's latest album, 'Stronger', is released on Monday (24.10.11).

Kelly Clarkson

The only American Idol to go international (so far) belts out her pop/rock. Her studio album Stronger was certified platinum and won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

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