Ciara Phillips: The only rule is work (4 stars)

Ciara Phillips: The only rule is work

Image courtesy of the artist and Kendall Koppe, Glasgow.

Exhibition the result of a three-month residency at Kendall Koppe, inspired by Sister Corita Kent

‘The only rule is work’ is one of ten accommodating rules for students and teachers developed by artist and educator Sister Corita Kent. Ciara Phillips’ exhibition is the result of her three-month residency in the gallery space where she shared a working environment with gallery director Kendall Koppe. Considering the site-specific conditions and the gallery’s organisational structure, she developed a body of artworks to explore the theme of work within the creative industry.

In what could be seen as a comparing and contrasting of ‘work’ (something you may take ownership of?) versus ‘labour’ (something you do for someone else?), Phillips has screen printed directly onto walls, fabrics and paper – acknowledging the entire space. Included are portraits of people who regularly facilitate and produce the ideas of others, but who are often not visible in the production. It is a striking exhibition with subtle layers of inquisition. In the Sister’s words: ‘If you work it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all of the work all the time who eventually catch on to things.’

Kendall Koppe, Glasgow, until Sat 29 Oct.

Ciara Phillips: The only rule is work

  • 4 stars

New work by Canada-born, Glasgow-based artist.

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