Artist Elad Lassry eschews symbolism is his film project, 'Untitled (Ghost)'

Artist Elad Lassry eschews symbolism is his film project, 'Untitled (Ghost)'

Exhibition bound for the Tramway after appearing at the Venice Biennale

Fresh from exhibiting at this year’s Venice Biennale, Elad Lassry’s characteristic conceptual layering of mainstream subjects and everyday agencies such as advertising and cinema will be on display at Tramway in his film ‘Untitled (Ghost)’.

As Lassry points out, the piece developed very organically and is deceptively simple in execution, depicting ballet performers in monochrome costumes dancing in what Israeli-born Lassry describes as a haunted house-cum-stage.

‘The title refers to the photographic medium. One of the dancers in the film embodies this idea of seeing through an object, which is something that has always been in my work since early on.’

When asked if he intended to reference anything in particular when making the film he replies, ‘No, I’m not referencing the choreographers or the dancers, but purely using their image.’

This determined eschewing of the symbolic is a key point of Elad’s practice, especially in his compositions. ‘The stage becomes the frame, the dancers become components. I see the individual scenes in the film as pictures in themselves. I’m constructing something new. I’m a modernist, in the most progressive sense.’

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 21 Oct–Sun 4 Dec.

Elad Lassry: Untitled (Ghost)

An installation of Lassry's recent film, which employs the artist's typical restaging and layering techniques to investigate the tradition of 'spirit' or 'ghost' photography, which is seen by some as evidence for the capacity of photographic film to capture the immaterial.

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