Loch Lomond - Little Me Will Start a Storm (4 stars)

Loch Lomond - Little Me Will Start a Storm

Tenderly sung and delicately arranged busy, decorative chamber-pop

(Chemikal Underground)

After Band of Horses’ song ‘Funeral’ helped to launch Danny MacAskill to worldwide fame when it featured on his breakthrough viral video, the young Scottish pro-cyclist then gave Portland six-piece Loch Lomond a punt by picking their song ‘Wax and Wine’ to soundtrack another of his epic stunt montages. It gives this, the band’s fourth album, extra profile as they impressively open their account proper UK-side on Chemikal Underground.

Fellow Portlanders The Decemberists and Sufjan Stevens are the key touchstones for their busy, decorative chamber-pop, which is tenderly sung and delicately arranged enough to give shivers to your shiver’s shivers. The sextet subsequently nestle neatly somewhere between Adrian Crowley and The Unwinding Hours in their new Scottish stable. As for that loch? Never heard of it.

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"

LOCH LOMOND - Little Me Will Start A Storm - OUT 2.22.11

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